Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice

Dental Express Privacy Statement

Your Privacy is important to us at Dental Express and we take the greatest effort to make sure that your data is protected. Our Data Protection Officer is Jackie Atkinson.

What personal Data we hold

In order to continue to provide you with the highest standard of dental care and attention we need to hold personal information about you. Information we hold about you contains:

  • Personal details including your Name , address , telephone number , email address ,CHI number, next of kin ,medical practitioner
  • Past and current medical history
  • Clinical dental records including any radiographs and study models
  • Information about the treatment we have provided and proposed to provide and its cost.
  • Correspondence from any other health care professional ( for example if we referred you to the hospital for treatment )
  • Notes of conversations of which a record needs to be kept

How we gather this information

We gather this information verbally, filling in your medical history and through dental visits.   Sometimes we gather information through appointment requests using our website.

Why do we hold this?

We need to keep up to date personal information about our patients in order to provide them with the appropriate dental care. We will ask you yearly to update your medical history and contact details.

How we process the data

The GDPR requires us to state the legal basis upon which we process all personal data for our patients and it requires us to inform you of the legal basis on which we process your personal data.

The legal basis on which we process this data are:

  1. We hold patient data because it is in our legitimate interest to do so. Without holding the data we cannot work effectively.
  2. We may use the data to send out information on new products but we will ask you to positively opt in for this.

Retaining information

We will retain your dental records while you are a patient and after you cease to be a patient for Ten years or for children until 25 years of age (whichever is longer ). We follow standards from The General Dental Council on keeping records.

Security of information

Personal data is held in the Practice Computerised system and sometimes in a manual filling system. This information is not accessible to the public and only authorised members on staff have access to it. Our Computer system has secure audit trails and we back up information on our server daily.

Disclosure of information

In order to provide you with dental care, we may need to disclose information about you to:

  • Hospital or Community dental services
  • Dental services out with this practice
  • Other health professionals caring for you
  • NHS payment authorities
  • Private dental schemes if you are a member

We will only disclose information so that the above individuals are able to provide care for you or the correct administration can be done.

In all other circumstances we will obtain your specific consent.

Personal Privacy Rights

You have the right to access the data that we hold about you and receive a copy. Access to this must be made in writing. We will provide you with a copy within 40 days of the request.

You have the right to object to information being held about you or disclosed but this may affect our ability to provide you with dental care.

This is a shortened version – if you wish access to the full privacy policy please request this from the practice manager.