Yes you are able to book in for your routine Examination. There may be a slightly longer wait at the moment due to the amount of patients we have, how many patients we can see daily.

Unfortunately, we are not sure when things will change. We know that things within Dentistry will not return to the way they used to be any time soon.

If you call the practice, we will put you in our book for a telephone dental consultation. One of our Dentists will contact you within 24 hours and Triage you over the phone. If they have deemed an appointment urgent, our staff will give you a call and get you booked in. If it is classed as non urgent, you will be added to a waiting list.

We are an NHS committed practice and even though we do offer private options, we do not feel it is fair to prioritise Private Exams or Private Treatment.

We are not currently taking on new patients. If you are unregistered and in pain and need advice, please call the NHS on 111.

We hope that our patients understand the position we are in. We would love to be able to ‘go back to normal’ but this is not the case at the moment.

We are still working as best we can under the circumstances . Dentists can only see a maximum number of patients per day.  We are also operating to very strict infection control protocol and must have set times between all patients.

We will continue to see the maximum amount of patients per day and we continue to prioritise urgent and emergency care.